When a product or drug goes wrong

When a product or drug goes wrong

If you’ve suffered a serious injury from a product or drug

On one of the radio show interviews I had this morning a listener had a question about a product liability case and were wondering what they should do – whether they had a case.

There are a lot of issues that come up like this that use class action suits. When a product is faulty and causes serious harm or a drug goes wrong, or a medical device goes wrong – those are always matters where if you’ve had a serious injury you should always talk to a lawyer.

Some of these types of cases our firm handles and some we work with other lawyers around the country. Talking to a lawyer helps you protect your rights.

We always encourage people to call because information is free and we’re willing to offer free advice…

just as I do on my radio and tv interviews weekly. It’s always a good thing to have the most information you can get. Then you can make a better-informed decision based on the facts. In the case of a product malfunction or a medical or drug that’s caused serious injury to you or someone you love, please give us a call. Don’t go it alone. Phone 1-800-608-3333. Stanley Law has offices in Syracuse, Watertown, Binghamton, Rochester, and Montrose, PA.