If you were victimized as a child many years ago, NYS lifts the statute of limitations

If you were victimized as a child many years ago, NYS lifts the statute of limitations

NYS Child Victim’s Act

When Governor Cuomo, who’s expected to later this month, signs the Child Victim’s Act into law (it was just passed by the NYS Legislature), people who were abused as children many, many years ago, will have one year from the date the Governor signs it, to implement a claim.

In the News

It’s been in the news for a long time now. Whether it was clergy abuse, as the award-winning movie Spotlight told the compelling and unbelievable story about the church and cover up of sexual abuse for so many years, or child abuse, sometimes it takes a very long time for the abused to come forward.

Click Here to read the article and details as reported by Syracuse.com this past week.

The NYS Legislature and the NYS Governor are giving those victims a chance to be heard in court against the accused. They passed what is referred to in legal speak as a ‘revival statue,’ extending the statute of limitations.

This means anyone who had a claim has a year to do so. And the age up to be able to claim is fifty-five years. This is only for claims that would have expired otherwise.

If you were told before that you didn’t have a claim…

If you have had a claim of abuse when you were a child, and told previously that your time had expired for making a claim, if you’ve been thinking about wanting to come forward, your claim is now viable – for one year from the date the Governor signs the new law, expected sometime this month.

You need a lawyer

If you want to come forward and make a claim, you need a lawyer. This goes for anyone who has a claim that’s now viable again, AND for any NEW claims going forward. This is not something you can try and go it alone on. There’s a lot to navigate, and you need a strong advocate to walk beside you who knows the system and can get you the maximum reward possible.

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