Winter Storm rolling in – what to know before you go!

Winter Storm rolling in – what to know before you go!


If you live in the northeast, this time of year here’s one thing you can be sure of: more SNOW.

So as we bear down and dig in for what promises to be some challenging weather conditions over the next several days,

here’s what you need to know before you go:

You can’t drive the way you would normally drive. This seems pretty simple and a “Yes of course I know that Joe!” idea. You’d be surprised. We’ve all been there right? Cars are in the ditch on our way to work, and yet there’s still that one hell on wheels driver who decides that risking his or her life along with all others around them is worth getting to work on time for. Well on behalf of our Team here at Stanley Law, your employer, and ALL the other drivers on the roads … it’s NOT worth it, nothing is. So SLOW DOWN!


Speed is typically the primary cause of winter driving accidents, along with distractions which is always an issue. If your vehicle’s in motion at higher speeds than conditions truly allow for, the best snow tires, brakes, wiper blades (all of which you should have prepped for already with, and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?) — none of those things will help you. Speed kills. Period. SLOW DOWN. Your family will thank you for it.


Driver distraction is always an issue, and even more so in snow because you’ve got less forgiveness with your reaction times and what can happen. You never should be texting and driving, eating and driving, doing your makeup and driving, reading and driving (yes, it happens). But particularly when you have detrimental road conditions, you need ALL of your faculties to get you safely where you need to go. Please, pay attention.


Finally, if you can stay home, DO IT! While for some this may not be practical, it’s certainly desirable and quite obviously safer. IF you’re able to stay home, be mindful to do your best or have someone help you, keep your walks and driveway safe, cleared, and salted.

Avoid Slips and Falls at home and at work

The people most likely to slip and fall at your home/on your property is YOU or someone you really care about. So keep it cleaned up. This goes for employers too! Keep your employees safe and avoid those worker’s compensation claims or worse. Slip and falls can be very very bad. Take it from me and what I see in our firm everyday.

Hopefully you can stay in, stay warm and wait out the storm. Maybe the closest you’ll have to get to it is admiring the white stuff from inside cozied up with a good book, a warm cup of cocoa, and your family safe and sound!

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