Your Responsibilities As A Premises Owner & How To Prevent Injury

Your Responsibilities As A Premises Owner & How To Prevent Injury

Property owners and businesses have a legal duty of care to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition. If someone is injured on your property you may be liable for damages such as medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Our premises liability attorneys at Stanley Law Offices have seen countless scenarios in which our clients have become injured. Being aware of your obligation as a property owner and following these tips for keeping your premises safe can help reduce the chances of someone injuring themselves on your property.

Preventing Injury On Your Premises

Regularly inspect and maintain floors, sidewalks, and other walking surfaces. Cracked or uneven floors, stairs and sidewalks are preventable trip and fall hazards. If you discover that something needs to be repaired make sure to fix it as soon as possible. One way to protect yourself is to post a warning in the area until it is repaired. Make sure to clear ice and snow and salt outdoor surfaces in the winter to prevent slip and fall injuries.

Keep it clean. Whether it’s a business or private home, keeping floors clean and free of clutter and securing rugs or carpets can help prevent trip and fall injuries. Avoid leaving items on the floor or stacked against doors, as this can block exits and create a fire hazard. Clean up spills on the floor immediately and dry it and put up a visual notice that it may be wet. If you’re a business owner or manager, create a cleaning schedule so your employees regularly check for and clean up potential hazards such as spills or items that have fallen on the floor.

If you own a pool, make sure it is properly secured. Pool ownership carries serious responsibilities because it is a potential danger to children, pets and others. Surrounding your pool with adequate fencing and installing a self-closing gate with a latch that’s out of the reach of children are vital safety measures that can prevent accidental drowning. A pool alarm can also provide additional security. A safety cover is another way to prevent children and pets from falling in the water. Fitting the drain with a safety cover as well can help swimmers’ clothing, limbs or hair from becoming trapped in the pool’s drain. Make sure guests are supervised at all times and let them know that diving is not permitted to avoid head and neck injuries.

Keep your pets under your control at all times. Although dogs, cats and other pets are part of the family, they can bite, scratch and cause injury if not properly supervised. In most states, pet owners are liable for injuries whether or not they were aware of their pet’s propensity to bite or attack. The best way to eliminate the incidence of injury is to secure your pet when you have visitors.

Make sure you have adequate homeowners or liability coverage. Review your insurance policy regularly to ensure it provides an adequate amount of coverage in case something does happen. It’s also important to ensure that any contractors, landscapers, house cleaners, movers or other workers carry their own insurance. Ask for a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance and call the insurer to verify that it is current and active.

What to Do If Someone Is Hurt On Your Premises

Even if you are diligent about keeping your property safe, accidents happen. If someone is injured on your premises, provide aid, write down the details of the incident and report it to your insurance company immediately.

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