When people call in to one of my radio segments, it’s always fascinating, and often incredibly sad, the circumstances that affect people and the accidents that can happen. You may have read about the NYC student who was badly burned in a chemistry class. It was an experiment conducted by a teacher that went very wrong.



In the hospital for extensive burns, the 16 year old student suffered burns over 30% of his body and of course is lucky to be alive. The verdict was $60 million awarded to the student. The case was covered so heavily by the press he didn’t appear in court because of his disfigurement. Just a terrible, terrible situation that no amount of money can help compensate frankly. He’s 16, he’s got a long life ahead of him. How much is that worth? Every day he’s got to get up and look in the mirror. Those burn cases I’ve handled them and they are are horrible. I always say I hope we don’t actually see you in our offices at Stanley Law because that means something really bad’s happened to you. Municipality cases are interesting, there are many rules that apply uniquely to cases involving municipalities as the defendant versus other personal injury accident cases. You never want to go it alone.