Accurate Medical Records Matter

the importance of accurate medical records in your personal injury case with joe stanley and angela moonan

Accurate Medical Records Matter

Hi, I’m Joe Stanley from the Stanley Law Offices. No one knows what’s just around the corner, but you do need to know what to do next. The next few minutes, we’ll give you some answers

Every week there are conversations in our office about medical records and the need for accurate medical records. Today, we’re offering some advice about how to ensure that those medical records are accurate and why it’s so important:

Everybody we represent is hurt

Everybody we represent is hurt, and as we talked about in the past, getting the medical records to verify what happened and how it happened and what it did to the client is important. It’s time consuming and expensive, a very expensive endeavor because everybody wants to charge for everything. So as an individual, whether you’re just in regular treatment or hurt in an accident, you should always check your electronic medical records. Almost everybody has them. You need to check them and make sure they’re correct.

“Getting them right, right there on the spot when you can check that staff’s work, is the right time to do it.”

If you’re hurt on the job or in a car crash

If you’re hurt on a job or you’re hurt in a car crash, you have to look at those records to make sure that they are recording things properly. And that they are putting down things that you’re saying and that you understand what they say because that is so incredibly important. Because you can’t change them after they’ve been there for awhile. It’s just not possible. Getting them right, right there on the spot when you can check that staff’s work, is the right time to do it. And if you do that each and every time, you can sleep better at night knowing you’ve done what you could to ensure your medical records are accurate.

What happens when your medical records are wrong?

A lot can go wrong if your medical records are wrong. Worst case scenarios, and we see them all the time unfortunately, surgeries are performed or medications are prescribed that can threaten your life or cause death. Don’t put you or your family in that unnecessary and tragic situation. Double check your records. Human error is a real thing we all know that. You’d be absolutely amazed the errors or even complete omission of vital information for a patient.

To summarize, let’s again look at all the factors involved with the importance of accurate medical records:

The Critical Role of Accurate Medical Records in Personal Injury Cases

The integrity of medical records is the bedrock upon which personal injury cases are built. At The Stanley Law Offices, we cannot overstate the importance of accurate medical documentation in securing just compensation for our clients. These records are pivotal in establishing the extent of injuries, the treatments received, and the impact on the client’s life. Without precise and comprehensive medical documentation, the pathway to fair restitution becomes fraught with obstacles.

Why Accurate Medical Records Matter

First, accurate medical records are essential in proving the causation and scope of injuries. In the realm of personal injury law, connecting the injury to the incident is crucial. Medical records that chronicle the injuries sustained and the treatments undertaken provide a timeline that can be directly correlated to the accident. This correlation is essential in demonstrating that the injuries were indeed a result of the accident and not pre-existing conditions or unrelated events.

Furthermore, these records are instrumental in quantifying damages. In personal injury claims, compensation can include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. Detailed records help in calculating the actual costs incurred for medical treatments, rehabilitation, and any future medical care required. This calculation is foundational to demanding a fair settlement or presenting a compelling case in court.

The Risks of Inaccurate or Incomplete Records

When medical records are inaccurate or incomplete, the consequences can be dire for a personal injury case. Inaccurate records can give insurance companies and opposing legal teams the ammunition to dispute the cause and severity of injuries. They can argue that the medical documentation does not support the claims made by the injured party, potentially leading to reduced compensation or even the dismissal of the case.

In the case of incomplete records, vital pieces of evidence may be missing. This lack of information can make it challenging to establish a full picture of the injury’s impact on the client’s life. For example, if the records fail to mention the necessity of ongoing treatment or the full extent of pain experienced by the client, it can be difficult to argue for the comprehensive compensation that the client rightfully deserves.

Ensuring Accuracy in Medical Records

At The Stanley Law Offices, we emphasize the significance of seeking prompt medical attention after an injury. Immediate and thorough medical evaluation not only facilitates recovery but also ensures that the injuries are documented from the outset. We advise our clients to:

Be honest and thorough with their medical providers about their symptoms and the accident.
– Follow up on all recommended treatments and document any changes in their condition.
– Keep a personal diary detailing their daily pain levels and the ways in which the injuries impact their lives.
– Request and review their medical records for accuracy and completeness, and report any discrepancies to their healthcare provider promptly.

The accuracy of medical records is not just a bureaucratic necessity—it is a critical component of justice in personal injury law. These records are the narrative of the injury and its repercussions on a client’s life. At The Stanley Law Offices, The Team works tirelessly to ensure that this narrative is accurately presented and that our clients receive the full compensation they are entitled to. We stand by our clients at every step, guiding them through the complexities of medical documentation and advocating on their behalf for the recognition and maximum award tey deserve.

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