Binghamton Road Worker Injured On the Job

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Binghamton, NY – There were reports of a job site injury involving a bulldozer from the Binghamton local news [1].

Binghamton Road Worker Injured On the Job

In a tragic incident at a road reconstruction project in Binghamton, a road worker was injured on the job and sustained severe injuries after being struck by a large bulldozer. The incident occurred on Glenwood Avenue in the city’s First Ward at around 2 p.m. on a Friday.

Upon arrival at the scene, the police discovered the injured man lying in the middle of the roadway, located between Lake Avenue and Julian Street. He was found just a few inches away from the rear of the bulldozer, his right leg appearing to be seriously injured. The injured worker was quickly transported to Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City for urgent medical attention.

Authorities cordoned off the area using yellow tape to secure the scene, and they initiated discussions with the bulldozer operator and other construction workers who were in close proximity to the incident.

Initial reports suggest that the operator of the bulldozer may not have noticed the worker behind the massive machine when he began to reverse. Tragically, the bulldozer ran over the man’s leg, causing severe injuries.

The road reconstruction project on Glenwood Avenue, valued at $1.2 million, had recently resumed work approximately two weeks prior to the incident. The Chicago Construction Company of Endicott had been contracted by the city to carry out the project. The project had commenced its first phase in September of the previous year, with the final phase scheduled for completion by June.

As of now, there has been no response from Mayor Jared Kraham’s office regarding the incident. It remains uncertain whether work on the project will resume on the upcoming Monday.

This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers associated with construction and heavy machinery work. It underscores the importance of safety protocols and vigilance in construction zones to prevent accidents and injuries. Our thoughts are with the injured worker, and local authorities will likely conduct a thorough investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident.

Is an injured worker in Binghamton, NY eligible for workers comp?

Whether an injured worker in Binghamton, New York, is eligible for workers’ compensation depends on several factors, including the specific circumstances of the injury, the employer’s workers’ compensation coverage, and compliance with state laws and regulations. Workers’ compensation is a crucial safety net designed to provide financial assistance to employees who suffer injuries or illnesses in the course of their employment. Here are some key points to consider regarding workers’ compensation eligibility in Binghamton:

  • Employer’s Workers’ Compensation Coverage: In New York state, most employers are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance is intended to cover the costs associated with workplace injuries and provide benefits to injured workers. Employers who fail to provide this coverage may face penalties.
  • Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, an injured worker generally needs to meet certain criteria. These criteria include being an employee (rather than an independent contractor), suffering a work-related injury or illness, and reporting the injury to the employer within the required timeframe. It is crucial for the injured worker to promptly notify their employer of the injury.
  • Work-Related Injury: The injury must be directly related to the individual’s job duties or employment. In the case of the worker injured in the Binghamton road reconstruction project, if the injury occurred while the worker was performing their job duties on the construction site, it is likely considered work-related.
  • Timely Reporting: In New York, injured workers are generally required to report their injuries to their employer within 30 days of the accident or the discovery of a work-related illness. Failure to report the injury within this timeframe could jeopardize a worker’s eligibility for benefits.
  • Filing a Claim: Once the injury is reported, the injured worker or their representative must file a workers’ compensation claim with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. This claim initiates the process for obtaining benefits, including medical coverage and wage replacement.
  • Medical Evaluation: Injured workers may be required to undergo a medical evaluation to assess the extent of their injuries and determine the appropriate medical treatment. The cost of necessary medical treatment should be covered by workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Benefits: If the injured worker’s claim is approved, they may be entitled to various benefits, such as medical expenses coverage, wage replacement (typically a percentage of their average weekly wage), and vocational rehabilitation if necessary.
  • Legal Assistance: In some cases, workers’ compensation claims can be complex, and disputes may arise. Injured workers who encounter difficulties with their claims may benefit from consulting with an attorney experienced in workers’ compensation law to help navigate the process and protect their rights.

In conclusion, workers’ compensation is designed to provide financial assistance and support to injured workers in Binghamton and throughout New York State. If the injured worker meets the eligibility criteria and their injury is work-related, they may be entitled to benefits through the workers’ compensation system. It is essential to promptly report the injury, follow the required procedures, and seek legal guidance if any issues or disputes arise during the claims process. Consulting with an attorney knowledgeable in workers’ compensation law can be particularly helpful in ensuring that injured workers receive the benefits they deserve.

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