Air Travel and Protecting Yourself


Planning a trip and using air travel also means protecting yourself for the unforeseen.

Cancelled flights, gas prices, traffic… all can take a toll on you and your summer plans. In some instances you need to protect yourself and what can happen during a vacation.


If you have a reserved ticket to fly on… I don’t know, Delta or American or any of the other fine, well-known airlines, do you have any recourse if your travel plans get totally botched because of their ineptitude? The answer generally to that is no.

If you’ve ever read the contract of carriage or that you agree to when you sign check those boxes, when you buy those tickets, you have essentially no rights other than what the federal government mandates the airlines to do.

What should you do to protect yourself…

My advice for traveling now, and I don’t really advocate for insurance, but considering the current state of affairs it needs to be considered. If you’re planning on a holiday, you obviously have to be prepared for delays and cancellations so I would invest in travel insurance. This is especially important if you’re using unaffiliated airlines.

In other words, using an airline like Allegiant and JetBlue, that don’t have a share arrangement, you may have a very hard time. If your flights get canceled, you may be spending days, not hours of trying to find your way. So at least the travel insurance alleviates the pain of wherever you’re stuck.

Well, as they say, pack your patience!

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