Will you get a ticket if you obstruct your vehicle’s license plate?

Will you get a ticket if you obstruct your vehicle’s license plate?

Is it illegal to obstruct your license plate in New York State?

A listener phoned into one of my radio shows last week and asked this question – they got a ticket for obstructing their license plate. Yes, it is illegal to obstruct any part of your license plate on your vehicle and you WILL get ticketed.

Your vehicle’s license plate must be fully visible

because if you get in an accident or commit a crime, authorities need to be able to see who the vehicle’s registered to. That’s the reason for license plates. They must be able to identify the car. Any kind of obstruction can obviously change the letters on your plate. That’s a no-no.

If you’re ticketed for having a license plate cover, or obstructing your license plate,

you can always take a picture of it and can go to court on your own and plead it down. Or you can hire an attorney to help in the process. Here at Stanley Law we do simple tickets like that. We can help you get it reduced and you’ll pay a fine.If it’s not an obstruction, take a picture of it, go into court and maybe the judge will dismiss it.

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