Anticipating Defense Tactics In A Child Victim Case

Anticipating Defense Tactics In A Child Victim Case


Victims of child abuse deserve justice, but the trial process can take a heavy emotional toll on them and their families. Whether you’re an adult victim who’s just coming forward after many years or you need help with supporting your child through a civil action, The Team at Stanley Law is there for you, providing the legal and emotional support you need to get through it and recover the compensation you deserve. Because you never know what’s just around the corner, anticipating the potential strategies that the defense may employ in a child victim case can help you understand how the process works, prepare you for what’s to come and reduce the stress and emotional turmoil that may arise.

Legal Defense Strategies

The U.S. judicial system is an adversarial one, and defense attorneys are there to advocate for their clients. This means that a defense attorney may be insensitive to the victim’s feelings and may even disparage or try to misrepresent the victim’s character. It takes true grit to win a case, so it’s vital to seek the counsel of a seasoned child victim lawyer if you’re pursuing a child abuse claim. Your attorney will know how to prepare you for anything the defense may throw your way and can help you get through the particularly trying or difficult issues you or your child may have to face.

Large organizations like the Boy Scouts of America and the Catholic Church have vast resources and legal teams that pull out all the stops when it comes to defending their clients. Whether it’s in a pre-trial deposition or open court, their tactics can be very aggressive, and they may try to lay blame at anyone else’s feet except the defendant’s. Some of the tactics they often employ include:

  • Blaming parental inattention or neglect for the abuse
  • Accusing child victims of lying
  • Claiming victims caused their own injuries
  • Claiming that sexual acts were consensual
  • Aggressive cross-examination, including attempts to find inconsistencies and poke holes in a victim’s story

Preparing For A Child Victim Case

All these tactics can feel like an attack and exacerbate the symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues that come with being abused. Anticipating what you may be up against can allow your child or you to emotionally prepare yourself and draw on your inner strength and courage to tell your story as you believe it happened.

The thought of testifying in an abuse case can be terrifying to both children and adults. Your child victim attorney will advise and prepare you. They will be with you every step of the way, no matter what angle the defense may try to take. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about the proceedings, your rights, how the case may play out, and any other concerns you have. Your attorney can provide answers and walk you or your child through the process before you even enter a deposition or courtroom. You need and deserve the Maximum Reward to which are entitled. Being properly prepared for testimony can help you achieve that goal.

Seeking Support

Before, during, and after proceedings, it’s vital to get the support you need. Don’t go it alone— seeking therapy or counseling will help you stay on track emotionally. Checking in with your child daily to see how they’re doing can help them feel comforted and supported. Reliving traumatic events such as rape or abuse can trigger serious mental and physical issues. A therapist who is trained in working with children who have suffered abuse and trauma can help you or your child understand how to describe events in a way that can lead to a more positive emotional response. Supportive attorneys, mental health professionals, parents, educators, and others can help victims cope more effectively and reduce the amount of trauma they may experience.

Contact An Experienced Child Victim Lawyer

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