Workers' Compensation

New York and Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Attorneys at The Stanley Law Offices help injured workers throughout upstate New York and Pennsylvania. We're experienced personal injury attorneys who understand how the pain and stress of a work injury can feel overwhelming. We do everything possible within the scope of the law to help you get the workers' compensation benefits you depend on.

We handle many aspects of workers' compensation law and can answer your questions in many areas:

Your personal injury case

In New York state and Pennsylvania, not every employer carries workers' compensation insurance. If your employer doesn't, this doesn't mean that you're not eligible for compensation for your work injury. An experienced lawyer may be able to take a look at your situation, discovering other options for you.

At The Stanley Law Offices, we talk in depth with our clients. Working closely with them, we often help them see new options. Sometimes, a work injury was actually caused by a dangerous or defective product on the job site. Other times, a third party is responsible — a contractor, subcontractor or vendor. In these cases, we can file personal injury claims against these third-parties.

Regardless of how your work injury happened, The Stanley Law Offices will look at the facts and laws that apply, helping you achieve the best possible results through legal action.

Contact Us About Workers' Compensation

If you have questions about workers' compensation law, the best way to get answers is to talk with an attorney. To schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer at The Stanley Law Offices, contact us toll free at 800.608.3333 or 800.372.3760. Se habla español.

Social Security Disability Insurance FAQs

What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

SSDI is Social Security Disability Insurance. It’s a program that provides benefits for qualified people who have suffered a serious injury or are living with a condition that prevents them from working.

Who’s eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance?

In order to be eligible to receive SSDI benefits, recipients must be living with an injury or qualifying medical condition that is expected to keep them out of work for at least 12 consecutive months or eventually result in death. You also must have worked for 10 consecutive quarters prior to becoming disabled.

What types of conditions does Social Security Disability Insurance recognize?

Any number of physical or mental impairments may qualify you for SSDI benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has an official list of recognized conditions, and new ones are constantly being reviewed. We can review your case and give you an honest assessment regarding your eligibility for benefits.

I don't think I have enough work history to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance. Are there any other benefits available?

Yes. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program that provides financial benefits to people who are impaired but do not qualify for SSDI. The SSI Dedicated Team at Stanley Law reviews your case and helps you quickly determine which benefits you may be eligible to receive.

My request for benefits has been denied. What should I do?

Speak to an attorney. Unfortunately, ‘DENIED’ is a common occurrence with Social Security Disability benefits claims. You can challenge the denial through a reconsideration and appeals process. You need our Law Firm to help you with that. There are time limits in which to file an appeal of a Denial of Benefits. The process can be extremely complex, and legal assistance and support from a Team who understands the ins and outs of this kind of law, helps ensure your interests are protected.