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Top Five Reasons for Social Security Denial


If your application for Social Security disability benefits has been denied, it’s important for you to know Social Security denial isn’t the end of the road. The Team at Stanley Law is here to fight for you and guide you through the appeals process.

It takes true grit to win a case. We’re there for you every step of the way and may even be able to get your case expedited under some circumstances. There are five common reasons Social Security claims are denied, including income guidelines, length of disability, and documentation problems.

  • Income Guidelines

Disability claims are often disallowed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) when applicants are earning more than the substantial gainful activity (SGA) limit. The SSDI limit is a bit higher than the SSI limit, and if your income is higher than the allowable maximum of the program, the SSA is likely to deny your claim.

Because you never know what’s just around the corner, and if you’re earning money from wages when you apply for Social Security disability, the Stanley Law Offices are here to help you get the compensation owed to you.

  • Not Enough Medical Evidence

Many disability cases are denied when applicants don’t provide enough evidence to support their medical condition. The SSA may require applicants to be examined by an SSA physician, or the administrator may deny your application if the evidence isn’t readily available.

No matter what the medical reason is for your disability claim, don’t go it alone. The attorneys at Stanley Law Offices are here to help you through the entire process, and we’ll leave no stone unturned.

  • Refusal To Submit Medical Documents

When you apply for Social Security disability, be prepared to share medical records. For your claim to be allowed, it’s vital that you cooperate with SSA requests for documentation concerning your condition. It’s also important that your physician provide complete, accurate notes.

If you don’t have a regular doctor, you’ll be asked to undergo a consultative examination (CE) in order to make a decision on your claim. If you have any questions or concerns about how to manage the paperwork for your SSA case, Joe knows, and he’s ready to help you complete the process successfully.

  • Not Following The Doctor’s Prescribed Treatment

Following the treatment your doctor prescribes is important when you’re applying for disability benefits. The person reviewing your complaint needs to have complete information about your medical treatment and its efficacy in order to determine if you’re completely impaired. If you haven’t followed your treatment plan, your disability can’t be accurately determined.

If your condition is the result of a workplace injury, consider meeting with an attorney from our dedicated worker’s compensation team, they can help you find the correct legal action for your situation. Our team works to get you the MAXIMUM AWARD you deserve whether through SSA or your previous employer.

  • Expectation Of A Short-Term Disability

If you have a short-term disability or impairment, your claim is likely to be denied. Social security disability is meant to be used for impairments that last more than 12 months, result in vision loss or ensue the death of the claimant.

You need and deserve the Maximum Reward when you’re fighting for benefits that you’ve earned through the Social Security system, and we’re here to help you get it.

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